What do we mean, Getting Things Tech?

First, we’re inspired by David Allen‘s Getting Things Done system, also known as GTD. While we’re not slavish devotees to the GTD system, the spirit of his work really inspired the growing interest around the world in productivity as well as concepts like “life hacking.” This website was conceived due to the fact that many people want to streamline their lives, but do not know how to get their gadgets to help them with that. We’re all about making your life easier, more efficient, less stressful, and more fun.

The second aspect of Getting Things Tech is the idea of “getting” your technology. No, not getting in the sense of us selling things to you. Instead, we want you to understand how to best use the various consumer electronics in your life to the best of their (and your) ability. Things like computers and smartphones are so very capable that it is borderline impossible to know everything they can do, let alone how to do it. We won’t claim omniscience, but we plan to help bring you closer to fully knowing and unlocking the power of your tech.

And, as we continue to learn, that power comes with responsibility and risk. We are committed to keeping you abreast of developments that affect your privacy and security online. Getting Things Tech will work to share all of your options for keeping safe and, if you choose, anonymous online.

As a final note, we see this as a fun process. Figuring out how to make this or that thing work on your device can be incredibly frustrating. One of our aims is to take away that frustration for you. Another is to celebrate how, sometimes, getting your tech is fun for it’s own sake. Instead of a constant source of anxiety, learning about the best ways for you to use your tech can be a pastime.

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